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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #72


> Is it normal to not get any help when you write in or was my question
> about my Apponogeton Boivinianus ryzome that stupid I would really like to
> hear an opinion or two on if my ap. is a goner or if you feel it might
> recover yet
I think that the reason you didn't get an answer is probably because no one knows. I have had similar problems with small cheap bulbs (I do everything with my fish that I can on the cheap they have to support themselves. :) I guess if it were me I would just leave it in there and hope. Does it have any roots comeing out of it. Honestly it sounds bad but you never know, until the bulb rots away I would keep trying. I don't use fertilizers but I believe there are some in little pill like form that you can put in the gravel around the plant maybe that would
help. From my understanding the bulb needs to have stored a good amount of energy from last time it was out to be able to come out again.

Rhonda Wilson

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