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Re: Light bulbs


>  Rhonda I feel you would increase your likely hood of growing more
> difficult plants if you rotate 1 soft white one bath and kitchen , this
> will give you a little broader spectrum light output and a more pleasing
> colored tank . I have a 55G with a 4 - 40 watt tubes over it and have had
> cabomba , jungle val , and my dwarf tiger lotus bloom in it.

Thanks, I haven't recently had any trouble with any plants except that darned Glossostigma. I think that is because I have hard alkaline water. It comes out of the tap at 8.2pH. I do have about 60 different species of plants growing right now and 8 blooms floating currently from some jungle val in the fish room and I have a sword blooming in the living room now. I had a melon sword that bloomed all summer last year. Though I haven't had any of the Nymphaea bloom so maybe that would help. I had stopped expermenting with other cheap bulbs after getting some
that were a nasty yellow color and those 25 watt ones are really bad. These lights are on racks mostly in my fishroom with one shop light (2 bulbs) over mostly 10 gallon tanks. There is a very bad polaroid shot of it on my web page at http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/RhondaWilson/froom.htm.

Rhonda Wilson

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