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Re: No answer

Brad and Kim Bloomquist wrote:

>   Is it normal to not get any help when you write in or was my question
> about my Apponogeton Boivinianus ryzome that stupid I would really like to
> hear an opinion or two on if my ap. is a goner or if you feel it might
> recover yet . 

It's common for questions to go unanswered.  Why, I think I've asked 2 or
3 questions just this week that I don't recall getting an answer to!  It
probably isn't because people are refusing aid; its more likely that noone
feels very confident about their idea, so they don't want to post it. 
There's lots of reason's why questions go unanswered.  I think it was in
November that Karen Randall gave us a nice list of reasons why questions
don't get answered. 

I'd be glad to answer your question, but I figured that you would rather 
hear from someone who had a clue :).

Roger Miller