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Snail Thank you

I just wanted to say thanks to <babar100 at ix_netcom.com> who posted the
description of all the snails. As soon as I finished reading I was going to
write and ask if someone could do that. THANKS!! Perfect timing.

Since I cant buy Trumpet snails in my area I wondered if it is possible to
ship snails in the mail? I know that I might get them on the plants I am
buying but I would really rather control what snails I get.  If it is
possible to mail them and not kill them.

Also I wanted to ask if it is acceptable and/or appropriate to swap/give
away extra plants in this list? That is to post that you have a excess of
something and offer to give it away? I don't mean selling, just swapping or
giving away, maybe for shipping costs? Once my tanks get to the point I have
excess I just hate to throw it out to die.


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