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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #71

  Is it normal to not get any help when you write in or was my question
about my Apponogeton Boivinianus ryzome that stupid I would really like to
hear an opinion or two on if my ap. is a goner or if you feel it might
recover yet . 

         3 months ago I bought a Aponogeton Boivinianus for $30 ( very ,
very large ) at my fish club auction . When I placed it in my discus tank (
that I have had wonderful luck growing anything I put in it for the last 2
years ) It dropped its leaves . I knew it would happen , but they did not
grow back . The ryzome has a deep pit in it were the plant sent its leaves
out , but it did not grow back . I then cooled it off for 6 weeks and
placed it back in my discus tank 2 weeks ago , still no growth . The ryzome
looks good , large ,firm , just the deep pit . I really want to save this
plant when I bought it , it was awesome . 

please , some one HELP !
 Brad Bloomquist
ivoryboxers at willmar_com