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Scissors, Etc.

Tim wrote:  >>>But, BUT, I can seem to find a decent
pair of long (24" or so) pruning
scissors. I know I could use long gloves
and a standard scissors or just stick
my arm in the tank and use my fingernails,
but sometimes I just want to do a quick
"dry" cut.>>>

Tim, try Bonnie Solan in San Antonio, Texas at:

http://solan at scissorsales_com/

They have a whole line of stainless steel medical instruments, including
scissors, tweezers and many different kinds of hemostats, etc.  Most of
the instruments are in the $10 - $15 (US dollar) range, generally of
Eastern European manufacture. I have found the quality to be good.  The
Solans do not carry long scissors (which I too want to try) but I have
found their shorter scissors (I think with 8" handles) with short snip
blades at an angle to be extremely useful.  I have also found their long
tweezers to be quite useful.  I can pick a dying leaf, insert a
latterite ball, piece of Jobe's stick, and even tiny bits of granulated
peat (most recent experiment) all the way to the bottom of the substrate
with virtually no disturbance of anything.  Non-locking long hemostats
are the next most useful item for my money.

Sometimes it can be hard to get hold of Bonnie, but if you hang in
there, she will call you back and take your order and send it promptly
(by 2 day Fed Ex).  The Solans used to run an aquarium shop and are
aware that planted tank enthusiasts are looking for useful tools.  I
sent Bonnie some drawings of what I imagined might be useful plant tools
about a year ago and she has been matching up my ideas with what is
available.  But still no long handled scissors.  ;-)  Good luck.

I would appreciate hearing from others who have found useful high
quality plant tools for less than the outrageous US medical instrument
prices of $200 an item!  

Regards, Steve Dixon -- in San Francisco where we are so sick of the
rain that we just don't know what to do!  Perhaps swim around our
aquariums with our fish!

And BTW, thanks to Dan Q for his review of Amano's Journal.  I
subscribed the day it came out because I wanted to make my own
judgments.  Now I'm more excited than ever.