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In Search of Plant Scissors


Tools sure make aquatic gardening
and pruning easier. Long (20")
pincher/grabbers, arm length gloves,
rigid clear pipe on syphons to pick
up old leaves, planting sticks, etc.
I'm sure most of us have used most
these things.

But, BUT, I can seem to find a decent
pair of long (24" or so) pruning
scissors. I know I could use long gloves
and a standard scissors or just stick
my arm in the tank and use my fingernails,
but sometimes I just want to do a quick
"dry" cut.

I've tried making my own long scissors
by attaching cutical scissors to "aqua
tongs" or putting razor blades on a pipe
within pipe setup to get a cutting action.
These things work ok, but I wish someone
made a cute "press on the end snippers"
or a long stainless steel precision cutter.

Has anyone found anything along these lines?
Thanks up front for any leads!

Tim Mullins - Pittsburgh

(who has found the heretofore evil PO4 quite
 useful in my PMDD regimine as of late)