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Re: java moss

>From: "Cymen Vig" <cymen at ziplink_net>
>Subject: Java Moss
>    I've read that you can get it to attach to drift wood by laying
>the Java Moss against the wood and putting rubber bands around
>it.  It is supposed to grow "feet" into the wood about 1/4" (?) in a
>couple of months.  Then clip the rubber bands and viola!  Java is
>beautiful.  I'm testing the theory right now...
>    Cymen
It worked great for me.  It grew right into my piece of Mopani drift wood.
Then I brought home a bristle nose pl*co whose voracious appetite for algae
was legendary in these hallowed halls.  Well, he does not eat the Java moss
but he does shove his snout between the plant mass and the wood scouting for
nibbles.  This effectively severed all points of connection to the wood.  I
have resigned myself to keeping it tied down with black thread (much more
discreet than a rubber band) and replacing the thread at each water change.
I think the Java moss is a beautiful addition to my tank by the way.

Dennis J. Harney
Miami University Botany Dept.
In Oxford, OH where they actually ADD hardness (~400 ppm) to the municipal
water to preserve the worst pipe system in OH.