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New to the list and a problem with algae.

I am new to the aquatic-plants list.  My name is Keith Webb and I am   
currently have 58, 25, and  10 gallon setups all with live plants.  My 58   
is my show tank and you may take a look at this tank at my web page.   
 http://www.compassnet.com/~klwebb/ I also have a 75 gallon viquarium and   
a 5 gallon poison frog tank rearing 3 Green black poison frogs.  The info   
on the 58 and 75 can be found at the web site the 25 and 10 have the   
overflow plants from my 58.  I currently breed green sword tails in the   
25 and whitecloud mountain minnows in the 75.
If you take a look at the photos you will see that it looks like I have a   
very healthy plant tank in the 58.  I feel that it is not that healthy at   
all.  The tank has change a bit since the photos and now I have an algae   
problem.  The algae looks like little upside down X-mas trees.  Little   
tuffs of dark-green filaments.  The tank has 1 coral life 10K, 1   
vita-lite and 1 full spectrum bulb.  All on approx. 10-12 hours per day.   
 The parameters of the tank are as follows.  0 readings on Nitrate,   
Nitrite, Ammonia, Hardness approx 5., pH is 6.8-7.0, CO2 added at 1.5   
bubbles per sec. But my phosphates are high and I think this is what is   
causing the alage outbreak.  I found a piece of poly filter and placed   
that in the tank last week and it turned dark brown in a matter of hours   
and I retested the phosphates and they did decrease but are still high.   
 What is the best way to lower the phosphates in the tank?  I also have a   
phos-zorb white granular product from I think Seachem to absorb the   
phosphates but when I used this I lost almost all of my Cardinal tetras   
that were in the tank.  I do not want to go back to this product.

Thank you for all the help you may give,