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Call for observations: Deficency/toxisity symptoms

I have been looking (unsuccessfully) for an article that lists target
ranges, minimum / maximum concentrations for major / minor / trace elements
and their deficiency / toxicity symptoms.

I would like to compile as much information as I can on the topic, and "get
it in the archives" at the Krib, APD and possibly TAG under an easy to find
topic heading.

The only "compiled"  info I have located on symptoms is in the Krib archive: 

I am hoping to elaborate on the table by including observations, comments
and hopefully even pictures by fellow APD'ers

I have several references for hydroponic (terrestrial plant) nutrient
concentration max/mins and deficiency/toxicity symptoms, and I'm curious to
observe the parallels with aquatic plants. 

SO... here's the request:

1. If you have observed deficiency or toxicity symptoms or you have
information on nutrient target, maximum or  minimum  concentrations,  Please
send them to me (email) and I will compile and post the results.

2. If you have pictures of symptomatic plants, I'll try to get them into the
article as well. 

3. If someone has already done this, please let me know and I'll try to
ensure that the information can be found (Advanced Newbie FAQ Deflector
Shield comming on line <g>)


Pete Schmidt in Bellingham, WA with a bad case of insomnia... I can't report
on the weather 'cause its dark outside.
Member AGA
petes at nas_com