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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #67

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<<Subject: RO for aquaria>>

Charlie my personal opinion is if you are going to install an RO you should
run polyethene tubing (easiest and cleanest) or PVC, but flush it very well.
Copper pipe will put copper in your water and the purpose of an RO is to
remove everything.
When I installed mine the additional cost to pipe it to my sink and
refrigerator was very minimal, and now i have "expensive bottled water" for my
ice and drinking water and everyone wants to drink water when they visit
because I have the "best tasting water".
Also get a plastic 55 gal drum to store your water, 35 gpd is a very slow flow
A 35gpd unit does not do 35gpd.  Temperature and dissolved minerals reduce the
out put.  If you are going to be drinking it go with the 50 gpd.
If you have more questions email me off line.