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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #67

> My question is on actual set-up because storage tank will be only three gal.
> Do I have a barrel where to store and mix with my raw water? If not mixing
> with raw water, what needs to be added to get proper chemistry?  What kind
> of heaters you use to preheat the water before adding during the water
> changes? Is a copper piping O.K. to use for the distribution?
> Your answers will be much appreciated.
> Charlie


If what you describe as a three gal tank is pressurized then your ro system is
simular to what I have been using.  I just ran a lenth of 1/4 plastic tubing under
the floor from the ro tank directly into the fish tank (33gal). I replace 3 gal of
water a day with the flip of a switch. The water flows in slow enough so as not to
have more than a two degree effect on the temp(86 deg. planted discus tank). The
water flows out by way of an overflow, like the ones used for trickle filters, which
is plumbed through the floor to the house drain. I make up solutions of  Kent RO
Right, 6 teaspoons per 16 oz of water, and squirt 1 oz of this right into the fish
tank, along with 1 oz of a 1 teaspoon to 16 oz solution of sodiun carbonate (used to
raise ph of the swimming pool).  All this yields a kh of about 1.8 and gh of about 2
and an avg. ph of 6.5, just right for the discus. You may need to adjust the anount
of additives you use depending on the needs of your fish.

Ed Hengel