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Amano's Journal

Dave Gomberg wrote: >>>Mr. Giacosa, there is no doubt that Amano does
good plants and pics.  But
we do not need a 100 line ad for his products here.  I think this post
is in extremely poor taste.>>>

FWIW, I don't agree with Dave.  I think Art was 'puffing' a bit, but the
note included table of contents-type information which I thought was
useful.  There are a lot of us on the list who are very eager to learn
more about Mr. Amano's methods.  And we have been frustrated by the lack
of technical information in the three previously published books.  We
learned from Art that the magazine apparently does intend to address
technical questions seriously. I thought that was useful.

I also know that Art helps out lots of folks over at CompuServe's
aquatic plants section and I appreciate that effort.  I vote to cut Art
a little slack.

Regards, Steve Dixon