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RO for aquaria

The comment about copper pipes caught my attention in regard to the RO system.  My experience has been that one needs to be very cautious with copper pipes, particularly if the water is acidic or otherwise corrosive in some fashion.  In my case, I was pleased when I moved to my present house about four years ago.  The pH of my water was 6.1 with negligible hardness, seemingly perfect for the South American fish I usually keep.  To my dismay, though, I was unable to keep either fish or plants alive for any period of time.  I finally had a test lab check my water, and they found copper levels of .61 mg/l.  That level is not hazardous to himans, but is well above the .05 to .10 which seems to be the upper limit for freshwater aquatic life.  Apparently, the water is acidic enough that it causes copper to leach from the pipes.  I considered an RO system, but was concerned about the amount of wastewater generated, since I am also on a well.  (I am always paranoid about it running dry.)  As hard as the writer's water seemed to be, that may not be a problem for him, but it is something to keep in mind for anyone with copper pipes.