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RE: DIY CO2 injector, Dry Yeast.

Perhaps you should use white granulated sugar.  I used to get 11-13 days on a bottle of DIY CO2.  3/4 cup sugar, 1 teaspoon yeast, rest lukewarm water.  I used dry yeast, a rapid-rise brand.  However, always made sure it was fresh (take notice of date when purchasing it, reach for packets toward the back of  supermarket shelves).  On my 120 gal I had two DIY CO2 generators.  That allowed me to use 2 teaspoons of a fresh package of dry yeast each time. (yes, I would throw some away.)  My experience was if I used what remained in the packet at some later time I would only get about 7-8 days of CO2 production.  

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