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Re: RO for aquaria

Charlie asked;
>Since my well water hardness is 430ppm and house has >built in ion
exchange water softener, I was convinced >that Reverse Osmosis system
is the best approach for >me to get good quality water for my tanks. 
I was >searching in the Krib, FAQ and Web but only general >statements
and rejection tables were found.  I have >decided on 35gal/day unit,
which will give me more >than I will ever need.

>My question is on actual set-up because storage tank >will be only
three gal. Do I have a barrel where to >store and mix with my raw
water? If not mixing with >raw water, what needs to be added to get
proper >chemistry?  What kind of heaters you use to preheat >the water
before adding during the water changes? Is >a copper piping O.K. to
use for the distribution?
>Your answers will be much appreciated.

Unless you have nitrates or phosphates in your raw water simply mixing
the RO water with the raw water will work fine.  My water isn't quite
as hard as yours and I find that about 50/50 mix works. In any event
you don't need to mix it exactly - just check the hardness of you
aquarium water occasionally and adjust the RO/raw water ratio. 

I store the water in one of those 18gal Rubber Maid Storage Bins.
Before making a water change I add warm raw water to the RO water. For
make up water I just use the RO water but because I not adding that
much I find I don't need to heat it

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