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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #66

> Wait, I don't quite follow.  If the problem is that by adding NO3 you
> cause your tanks to become K limited, then don't you need to be able to
> dose K and NO3 seperately?  That is, shouldn't KNO3 and K2SO4 be in
> different solutions?  If they're not, then what have you changed?

Before I started this I dosed the PMDD classic recipe according to the 
results of my iron tests, and then added KNO3 to satisfy my nitrate 
requirements.  Because I do not have (and do not know of) a K test kit I 
could not tell if more K2SO4 was required until the plants started to show 
damage - too late IMHO.

By having both in one solution, every time I add KNO3 - according to the 
results of my nitrate test kit - I also add more K in the form of K2SO4.

Mg I dont worry about as much because I add Mg and Calcium with each water 

Constructive criticism is welcome.

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