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Re: acclimating plants to new pH

Ramki writes:

>I've collected a bunch of _Cabomba_, _Hygrophila_ and _Hydrilla_ from
>limestone bedrock streams in central Texas, where the water is hard, with
>a pH of nearly 7.8. I'd like to acclimate them to a soft, very acid (6.5)
>angel tank and a neutral pH paludarium.

>What's the best way of doing this? How gradually should the pH and
>hardness be lowered?


>L Ramki Ramakrishnan
>ramakris at uts_cc.utexas.edu

I tried this with Cabomba and they melted in an instant.  Think my problem
was a too lengthy dip in a salt disinfectant solution, though.  How about 
using a holding tank where you gradually replace the hard, high ph water 
with water from the target tank over the course of a week or two?  In
general, I think good lighting is more important for success than are
hardness and ph.  

And don't use too much salt :)

-lars n
lars at teleport_com