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Re: cheap propane cylinders?

     >I've been to welder's shops to try to get CO2 cylinders, but, I was
     >unwilling to pay around 100 $ for a 20lb. Anyway, a few days back I 
     >found out that propane cylinders (the fat stubby type) are only $20 
     >each, and the Propane is included free. I was wondering if I can get 
     >one of those, empty it, and bring it to a welder's shop and have them 
     >refill it with CO2.
     >Anyone ever tried this? Any comments, questions are welcomed.
     No, they will not put CO2 in ANY tank that is intended for use with 
     another gas.  They will put CO2 into CO2 cylinders only.  No 
     I tried using an old SCUBA tank for my aquarium, and the welding shop 
     could not fill it because the fittings are different.  Old oxygen 
     cylinders, etc., also have different (and I think, unique) fittings to 
     prevent the accidental filling of a different gas into the cylinder.  
     You can imagine the problems with a hospital, or a welder, etc, 
     accidentally using the wrong gas (e.g., CO2 on a patient, or oxygen as 
     an inert gas for welding).  Besides, I am not sure propane cylinders 
     are rated for high (900+ psi) pressure.
     Go ahead and bite the bullet for the 20 lb cylinder.  You'll get your 
     money back in the first year just by excess plant sales to your LFS.  
     You can also sell the tank back to the shop for about the same cost, 
     should you decide to stop raising plants.  Think of the price as a 
     "deposit", if that helps.