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Nutrient deficienty/toxisity in Hygro. Polysp.

I can't seem to figgure this one out on my own.  I have had hygro.
polysperma that grew several inches a day in the past.  Over the last 6
months, the growth has slowed, and for the most part, stopped.   The leaves
have turned  reddish, but somewhat translucent, and seem to drop off easily.
The goofy thing is that in several new tanks I have set up lately, I am
seeing the same symptoms.  Substrates are soil-vermiculite gravel.  I dose
with PMDD, supplementing extra KNO3, K2SO4 and Epsom salts to keep nitrates
approx 5ppm.   I have never seen iron deficiency symptoms, so don't really
know what to look for. The last water quality report I got (about a year
ago) claimed 20ppm iron, and I have had hair algae problems in the past as
well, so was never too concerned with iron deficiency.  Also, since my PMDD
uses Plant Products Ltd trace element (7% iron, EDTA), I still think iron
deficiency unlikely (I wish I had $50 for a test kit).  

My question is:  Could the similar symptoms be caused by an excess of