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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #60

>From: "Adam" <adamsw at ican_net>
>Subject: Java Moss... what do I do with this stuff!!
>Is it supposed to root and grow along the bottom, or is it supposed to grow
>along the top of the tank and float around in the water (which is what it
>seems to want to do).

Hi Adam,
        Mine settles to bottom.  Just let it sit where you want it.  Last
summer I had a tank in my classroom and left strands of JM during the
summer.  Now sections of bottom are covered like grass. Great place to rear
fry.  Those strands grew up and also seemed to get into the gravel, but i
don't think roots, just grew around and trhough.  Kind of a nice effect.  
mike reid

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