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Re: Re: plants and light


I do not doubt that you are having good results with the lighting that 
you have.  My point is this.  Every plant you listed is quite easy to 
grow with any kind of lighting.  Yes the hygro is growing out of the 
tank, but there is a reason for that.  It is straining to get to the 
light.  I grow hygro too, but mine does not grow 'out' of the tank, it 
gets denser and bushier.  And expense is not an issue either, because 
the system I suggested only costs 22.50 for the fixtures, and about 
20.00 for the bulbs.  This would throw 80 wattts of light on the tank, 
and it also gives you color temp. options you just do not have with a 
single bulb.  I did not mean to imply that our recommendations were 
gospel, just that if you want to have success with more 'difficult' 
plants, that we think more light is needed.

Aquatic Plants Unlimited 

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