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Q:Nitrate Supplement

Hello all,
    My 55g planted discus tank is doing quite well thanks in large part
to information from this list.  It is doing so well, in fact, that is is
using up nitrates faster than my fish can produce them.  As a matter of
fact, my nitrates read zero with a Red Sea test kit.  All of my other
levels are good, temp. 85, NH3 0ppm, NO2 0ppm, 2 dKH.  My GH is a bit
high at 12-13 degrees.  What I am looking to do is supplement with KNO3.
 My problem is that I am not sure about the amount.  So here is my
question, assuming access to lab grade chemicals and distilled water
(one of the few perks of being a grad student), how would you mix up a
supplement and how would you dose it?  
Mark Storch
mscc at andrew_cmu.edu