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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #57

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> Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 10:08:28 PST
> From: "T. Prather" <aquaticplants1 at hotmail_com>
> Subject: plants and light
> I hate to say it, but you would be lucky even to grow water sprite with
> one 15 watt bulb.
> You did not specify if you have a 20 high or 20 long, but here are our
> recomendations for the amounts of light you would need.  Remember, these
> are just our recommendations, I'm sure there are people out there who
> have had good results with less, but in our opinion, you can never have
> too much light (reproducing the sun is almost impossible).
> For a 20 high, if your growing 'high' light level plants, then we
> recommend 92 watts minimum.  For 'medium-bright' plants we recommend
> 61 watts minimum, and for 'low to medium' light plants we recommend
> 41 watts minimum.

Okay, I'm probably not even REMOTELY qualified to comment on this (being a new user to this mailing list and to the world of aquatic
plants in general) but....

I have 3 planted tanks and according to the above comment shouldn't be able to grow anything.. In my 30G tanks, I have 20 watt and in
my 20G tank a 15 watt.  Let me say, that growing hygrophilia, bacoper, rotalla, and llyodella I have had amazing growth!

I have to cut my hygrophilia every week because it grows out of the tank!  I also have to trim my rotalla because it is near the top,
as is the ambulia I have in the 30G's.

So... knowing the extreme cost of lighting.. for the "not nearly professional hobbyist" I say, if you can get away with it without
breaking the bank go for it.  It works for me and so far I have no reason to add more light (thank God cuz I can't afford it!)..

Then again, like I said.. I'm just a newbie... but everyone's perspective counts I guess.
Just my two cents.