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FW: Canadian Mail Order

> Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 08:47:08 -0500
> From: Kevin ADAMS <kadams at atlantis_com>
>	I was going to place an order with Arizona Aquatic Gardens but was 
>informed by good ol' Canadian Customs that half the plants I was going to 
>order would not be let across.  The plants that I was interested in are 
>from the same family as the plants I can buy at my local fish store.  Does 
>anyone know of a reasonably priced Canadian mail order house. Or; Does 
>anyone know of a legal way to get the plants into Canada.  I just about cry 
>every time I pay $8-$12 for a crypt that AAG would sell to me for $.99 US.
>PS. Below is a list of the plants I am interested in.  Perhaps someone has 
>       I'm in the Toronto area.
>Crypts: Wendtii Green
>	Wendtii Red
>	Becketti
>Java Moss (Vesicularia dubyana)  NOT "Fontinalis" - I have lots already
>Banana Plant (Nymphoides aquatica)
>Micro Sword (Lilaeopsis novaezelandiae)
>Dwarf Lily (Nympaea stellata)

There are a lot of good places to get plants in Toronto.  Which stores
have you been trying?  Aquarium Services is the Canadian distributor for
Tropika, and the PJ Pets at Scarborough Town Centre has a plant enthusiast
who brings in and correctly labels lots of good and unusual plants.  One
of the Chinese fish stores on Gerrard west of Broadview has good plants
at good prices, but you have to identify them yourself.

If you want Java moss, I've got it.  I've seen pots stuffed with Lilaeopsis
for $3-4 Cdn ($2 US) at local pet shops.  Banana plants are large, ubiquitous
and cheap ($1.99).  I got two nice red N.stellata for a buck when they were
going dormant and didn't look like much...  Aponogeton bulbs for a buck a
piece ($0.68 US as of this morning :-( )

We also have, as of this past fall, the Toronto and Area Aquatic Plants List
(TAAPL) a mailing list that has had one good swap meet already and has another
planned for Feb 15.  If you, or anyone else is interested, write to me
(bae at cs_toronto.edu) and I'll add you to the mailing list.

Btw, there is a company in Montreal that will ship all over Canada, called
Aquatic Plantation http://home.sprynet.com/sprynet/aquaticp/aplant.htm.
Their prices are good, but not as good as in the very competitive Toronto
market.  It should be a win for people outside Toronto, however.