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Some observations/experiences with snails.
I had a 10l tank in which I kept plant cuttings hoping they would grow.
There was no filtration and the tank got direct sunlight so the water went
very green.
I got some Ramshorn  snails and popped them in.
In a week the water was clear, the sides of the tank was clean and the
plants seemed (imagination) to grow better.
The next step was to put some of the snails into the community tank. No
problem, no eaten plants, no algae.
I then bought some more plants and put them into the tank (stupid - no
The plants started sprouting new shoots and very soon were denuded of the
new shoots.
Snails were to blame!! Get rid of them, which I started to do. A few days
later while removing whatever I could see crawling I caught a pond snail. I
had never introduced one of these on purpose so it must have come in with
the new plants.
Since the demise of the pond snail no more plant attack.
Its amazing that one of these creatures could have caused so much damage.
So for me the ramshorns  work and the plants do not suffer and algae is not

Phillip Hansen