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Breeding of shrimps

Hello again
I have these shrimps that eat algae and sometimes turns greenish . The
person that sold me the shrimps didn't tell me what they are called but
they seem to be doing a good job. The problem now is that i see some of
them are pregnant.They carry a bag of black colored eggs around their
bellies and i only discovered that 2 days ago when i removed all my
driftwood from my tank.I wonder if they need a nesting place or
something because i have about 100 cardinals and they seem to be hungry
all the time. Has anyone ever bred shrimps? I need help.I guess they
must be called ghost shrimps or something. This is the first time i see
a pregnant shrimp and i relly don't know what to do.Does the fishes in
my tank pose any danger to their babies(or eggs)? Help me please..