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Plants and Light.

I gave up on plastic plants in the early days of my hobby, and opted to
use rocks and roots in my aquaria instead. I pretty much gave up trying
to grow live plants until I had a better understanding of their
requirements. I still don't know all that much, but I do have a grasp of
the basics. And I know better than to rush out and buy those plants that
everyone else seems to be growing so well. :-)

I have mostly 20 gallon tanks with a single 15 watt fluorescent tube in
each hoods, separated from the water surface by a pane of glass. Now I
KNOW that's not nearly enough to grow even the most hardy of water
weeds, let alone some of the really nice ones. Or is it?.....

A couple of questions, I don't have answers to, but I'd like to know...

1. What can I grow in a tank with a 15 watt Aqua-glo tube? Beside
scraggly water sprite?

2. Does the pane of glass interfere with the transmission of vital
components of the light source. I know that glass windows absorb, or
deflect UV rays. Is there another, more useful material, such as