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FW: Canadian Mail Order

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From:	Kevin ADAMS [SMTP:kadams at atlantis_com]
Sent:	Thursday, January 29, 1998 8:35 AM
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Subject:	Canadian Mail Order

>Hello again;	
>	I was going to place an order with Arizona Aquatic Gardens but was 
>informed by good ol' Canadian Customs that half the plants I was going to 
>order would not be let across.  The plants that I was interested in are 
>from the same family as the plants I can buy at my local fish store.  Does 
>anyone know of a reasonably priced Canadian mail order house. Or; Does 
>anyone know of a legal way to get the plants into Canada.  I just about cry 
>every time I pay $8-$12 for a crypt that AAG would sell to me for $.99 US.
>PS. Below is a list of the plants I am interested in.  Perhaps someone has 
>       I'm in the Toronto area.
>Crypts: Wendtii Green
>	Wendtii Red
>	Becketti
>Java Moss (Vesicularia dubyana)  NOT "Fontinalis" - I have lots already
>Banana Plant (Nymphoides aquatica)
>Micro Sword (Lilaeopsis novaezelandiae)
>Dwarf Lily (Nympaea stellata)