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Re: Flourish

Don Hutton
01/28/98 12:32 PM
Louis wrote:
>>>It looks like Seachem is trying to make Flourish as a complete
supplement (except Boron) so Flourish can be used in any type
of water.  This is probably interesting to people who use RO water.
Since Flourish will supplement all(?) necessary elements, there isn't
a need for RO Right.  Baking soda plus Flourish will do the job.<<<

I'm not a chemist, but based on the calcium and magnesium concentrations
(they're much less than the iron concentration) of Flourish I have
difficulty understandiing how they would add sufficient GH to RO water.  We
generally shoot for much higher concentrations of calcium and magnesium
than iron in planted aquaria.

I think I'll continue to add RO Right, calcium chloride, and epsom salts to
my RO water.