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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #52

Eric Scheeff wrote:

> All units in mg/L:
>  Ca, 1800;
>  Mg, 1100;
>  Co, 4;
>  Cu, 1.2;
>  Fe (ferrous), 5800;
>  Mn, 50;
>  Mo, 20;
>  Zn, 4.4;
>  Va, 0.25;
>  Ru, 1;
>  I, 1;
>  Br, 1;
>  K, 600;
>  Amino Acid chelates, 6000 (nitrogen equivalent 400).
> I am impressed by the complexity of the mixture; there are some things
> here I didn't even know were really necessary.  (I guess the question is,
> are they?)  My one concern is the lack of boron.  I've used Flourish for
> some time now with no apparent deficiencies , but if I do see a problem I
> think adding boron is the first thing I'll try.
> Any comments on this formula?

I am not a biologist.  So I have more questions than answers :).

I couldn't find Va on a periodic table, a typo?  The closest
is Vanadium, which I have no idea what it is.  I've never heard
of people supplementing Ru either.  Is this element of any
biological significany?  Or is it just a biproduct of manufacturing

It looks like Seachem is trying to make Flourish as a complete
supplement (except Boron) so Flourish can be used in any type
of water.  This is probably interesting to people who use RO water.
Since Flourish will supplement all(?) necessary elements, there isn't
a need for RO Right.  Baking soda plus Flourish will do the job.