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Aqua Journal In English!

My fellow APDers:

It give me great pleasure to inform you that I just received the first
English Aqua Journal!  Now you can read "How Amano Does It."  

Here is the table of contents:

Beneath the Amazon

The Beauty of Stem Plants

The Fine Art of Aquascaping

Aquascaping Using Stem Plants

Nature Aquarium Notes:  Significance of CO2 fertilization

Nature Aquarium: Questions & Answers

ADA LAB:  Allelochemicals In Aquatic Plants

Global Aquarist Report:  Aquarium Plant Hobby In America

Nature Aquarium Forum:  Highlight & Lowlight plants

Plus a lot of information on Aqua Design Amano products!

Subscription information at http://www.vectrapoint.com and more
information on our web site: www.natureaquarium.com.


Art Giacosa
Nature Aquarium Imports, L.C.
Exclusive U.S. distributor for Aqua Design Amano