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I've just gotten on the list and am a professed 'newbie', but something
is puzzling me.
I'm from a small town and the only supplier of aquatic plants is our
good old Walmart.  They have some decent little plants and starting out
on my 1st ten-gallon tank, I bought the dreaded and, unbeknownst to me,
non-aquatic Alternanthera.  So I start looking on the web and see that
'this plant isn't supposed to go in your aquariums' (big gruff
instructor's voice). Being a good student, I rush home, take the plant
out (it had been in the tank about two weeks) and pop it in some very
moist potting soil since the advice was something like 'this plant will
be more at home on your windowsill than in your aquarium'.
Well, three hours later the plant looked like my sister's hair after a
thunderstorm.  So I yank it out of the dirt, pop it back in the tank and
presto-chango, it looks great again.
Am I just delaying the inevitable here? I'm changing it out for another
plant, but I'm putting it in my girlfriend's five-gallon tank to see how
long it will last. What's the deal here though? After a few days would
it have straightened up? Was I a bit to reactionary?
Thanks for your time,

Dave Webb
Univeristy of Mississippi, Classics Dept.
Oxford, Miss.