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Re: E. horizontalis

Hi Bob:

I'm sorry.  I wasn't clear.

> Okay, dude.  That's nice, but think for a minute.  If it is being cultivated
> for sale, then:
> 1) this cultivated crop is not endangering the plant in the wild.  Someone
> else is doing what you claim to be doing, growing the stuff and making it
> available to the hobby.

This plant is NOT being cultivated for sale.  In fact, I was told by
Tropica management that it is very difficult to cultivate commercially
and only a few European aquarists are attempting it.  The plants
available for sale were collected from the wild.  They are not grow-outs
from a domestic or foreign grower.  The available supply is also very
limited.  I think 1 dozen.

I do not mean to imply that this plant is officially endangered.  I
don't have any official studies on the subject.  However, I do know that
it is extremely rare and that its habitat is being destroyed.

> 2) Sometimes, not often, but now and then, a "newbie" will get it right by
> accident, while others with more experience fail.  For example, I have had
> three spawns of Synodontis nigriventris, all in my first year in the hobby,
> all by accident.  But I know how to do it now, and with the space and
> available time  could replicate it.  These little cats are almost NEVER
> spawned, not because of a lack of interest, but because of a lack of
> knowledge, which I stumbled upon as a newbie.

Yes, of course, you are absolutely right.  However, with a very limited
supply, I was hoping to play the odds that an experienced aquatic
horticulturalist will be more likely to succeed.  Please bear in mind
that I am not selling these plants and in no way have a say as to who
can buy these plants. :-)  My intent was to make experienced hobbyists
aware of its availability.

> 3) The more this plant gets spread around, the better its chance of survival
> in captivity.  Check this claim with th species maintenance program of the AKA
This is exactly what I am trying to accomplish and thus am trying to
bring attention to it.  If you mean the Aquatic Gardeners Association, I
did not know they had a species maintenance program.  I will be happy to
ask the AGA.  I will report what they say.


Art Giacosa
Miami, Florida