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Fw: Black algae

Leo Reinhard
rein at better_net
Pickering Ontario Canada
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From: Leo Reinhard <rein at better_net>
To: Aquatic Plants Digest <Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com>
Date: Monday, January 26, 1998 9:28 PM
Subject: Black algae

>I am having a problem with what appears as black algae growing on the
>on Amazon swords which are in clay pots with gravel mixed with peat as a
>substrate in the pots. The aquarium is 33 gal, 75% ro and 25% tap water.I
>add 1drop of muriatic acid /gal to bring ph down to 6.5.The GH is 3 and the
>KH is also 3.the lighting is 2 30 watt fl.The tank has been setup for 2
>months and until recently was occupied by a pair of Rams and six SAE.I have
>been using Tropical Master Grow fertilizer-about 10ml/week after each water
>change ( about 20 % ).
>I had the water checked at LFS: Nitrate 0;nitrate 2.5 ppm;ammonia 0. I
>tested the phosphate myself with Red SEA test kit and showed phophate of
> Can anyone suggest a solution.
>Leo Reinhard
>rein at better_net
>Pickering Ontario Canada