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Electro/Technical metal halide questions

A while back I purchased at auction (scrounge that I am) six MH gymnasium
fixtures. My understanding is that they are three-phase fixtures and I am
trying to find out if they can be configured to operate on 110V or 220V
single phase, or possibly be put to use with a phase converter. I only paid
a buck for the lot, including some very nice aluminum reflectors and
several 400W MH bulbs, so it's no great loss if it doesn't work out.

The specs:

Cast aluminum (?) case that appears to be designed to slide onto a track
that would provide power through a three prong socket.

Label on case says-
Day Brite   Cat# C4DB277D
277 volt  400 watt
Lamp H-33 or 400 WMH

Inside the case is a transformer and two large capacitors.
Label on transformer says-
HID Ballast 5-15275-001 Type CWA
Line 277V   60 Hz

The bulbs are labeled  Sylvania Metalarc T   MPT 400/BU Only

An unrelated piece of hardware that I already had is a 1000W metal halide
grow-light ballast.
Ballast specs.-
Magnatek Catalog #1130-97
I know that this ballast is good, and that it is currently wired for 120 V
single phase.

I am inferring from the schematic label on the Magnatek ballast that it can
be wired in various configurations for different supply voltages, and am
hoping that the Day Brite ballasts have the same capability, though the
fact that they have only three leads is causing me doubt. Anyone have any

Another question- Can I use the 1000W Magnatek to drive the 400W Sylvania
bulb? How about 2 bulbs?

Any enlightenment will be greatly appreciated.