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RE: lighting


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>Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 17:22:33 -0800
>From: Paul Pacelli <PPACELGS at co_san-diego.ca.us>
>To: Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com
>Subject: RE: lighting
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>I have a 5 Gal. and a 55 gal. hex. tank that I am
>lighting with Lights of America 15W replacement
>bulbs from the local Home Depot. the bulbs are the
>double-u type that replace 60-100 watt
>incandescent bulbs. The 5 gallon tank came with a
>fixture that took two of the 15W incancescent tube
>shaped bulbs. I put in two of the LoA replacements
>which the advertising tells me will replace 150w
>of incandescent light. I have Cryptocorne Wendti
>{sp}, ludwiga, anachris, dwarf sag and Java Fern
>growing in this tank. All the plants seem to
>respond very favorably to the light, although when
>I take the cuttings to the LFS for trade, I notice
>that they look much better under the gro-lux and
>vitalife type bulbs they are using (definitely
>more red and bronze highlights). I have been using
>DIY CO2, but have stopped recently since we are
>getting ready to move and I just don't have time
>right now.
>I took the 15" strip light out of the hood for the
>55 gal. hex tank and replaced it with 2 of the
>2-bulb incandescent fixtures installed in  5 gal.
>I have 4 LoA 18w flourescent bulbs in that hood
>and results seem similar to the 5 gal. 
>This setup has been running for almost a year and
>is giving me enough cuttings to populate my other
>small tanks and the 55 gal. with plants traded
>from the LFS.
>I would estimate that the 55 gal looks like about
>halfway between the before CO2 and after CO2 shots
>of George Booths tank on his web site. This is
>leading me to believe that regardless of hi-tech
>or low-tech, 'you get what you pay for' and
>lighting seems to me to be a critical issue with
>planted tanks. LoA lighting is OK on smaller
>tanks, but even then you lose some color in what
>you can see in the plants (They really look nice
>under the LFS's lights).
>After the  move next month I will reactivate the
>DIY CO2 and upgrade my lighting. Thkis is my first
>post to this site. Hope it makes it. I have been
>lurking for 4 or 5 months, learning a lot and
>enjoying the hobby. BTW I do go through the
>archives for info an they ARE helpful
>Paul P.