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Paul K., on translating Kasselmann:
> According to Kasselmann, Telanthera is an older name for Alternanthera.
> Your plant sounds like a variety of Alternanthera reineckii called (in
> German) lilablattig.  It translates into something like lilac-colored
> leaves. I have something that looks like it that came to me as
> Alternenthera cardinalis.  It is _very_ red with no hint of green.   By
> way, I hope Michael Eckhardt is somewhere in the background, monotoring
> attempts to translate Kasselmann.  He really knows German.  I mostly
> at the translation.

Paul, you are right on with your translation. (Btw, Lilac-colored =

Michael Eckardt
at work, fading further into the background during weekends