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Re: Manganese

>From: Martyn Mitchell <kathmart at istar_ca>
>Subject: manganese
>The trace element mix I bought does not contain manganese. The mix
>recommended by Paul Sears recipe (as found in "the Krib") for PMDD does
>include manganese. Does anyone know of anything I might add to my mix to
>include the manganese?

I'd suggest you wait and see whether you have a problem.  It's quite
possible that your water and the food you give your fish will have
enough of manganese or other trace elements.  If you do find that you
have a manganese deficiency (symptoms?) you can get KMnO4 potassium
permanganate in drug stores or as an overpriced and much diluted solution
in some fish remedies.  Use only trace amounts because it is a strong
oxidizer and hence toxic/corrosive.  It will stain your skin, too.