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Re: Grass plants/crazy idea?

> The small chain swords and, to a lesser extent, Sagitteria send their
> runners on or above the surface, and these runners would go right over a
> buried plastic fence.  Even if the fence were an inch above the gravel
> surface, the pigmey chain swords might get their runners over it.  If the
> fence is going to be effective, it is going to have to show.  Perhaps a 1/2
> inch high fence with occasional trimming of runners trying to climb over
> would work and the fence would not be very noticable once there was a good
> growth of plants on either side.
Here's another way to hide the wall if you don't want an inch-high strip 
of acrylic showing above the gravel.  I recently made a nice-looking wall 
by taking a deep plastic dish, cutting out a curved section of the side, 
and gluing river rock (available very cheap at garden stores) to it using 
silicone.  Then I filled in between the rocks using dirt with a high 
clay content and let it dry, so that it stays in place underwater.  It 
looks just like an old stone wall in miniature.