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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #48

At 03:48 AM 1/26/1998 -0500,  Antonio wrote:
>Has anyone built DYI light controllers?  I would like to acquire schematics
>for a programmable timer to control several outlets digitally.  Dimming,
>and the ability to set each load's on/off cycle independently would be ideal.
>Trying to save a buck - perhaps unrealistically :]

Let's define terms here.  A "commercial" system to accomplish this would be
$5-15,000.  So saving a buck means $1-2000.   Still interested?

If so, without the dimming you can do it with a LOGO from Siemens (about
$250).  This device is very easy to use, has something like 4 timers and
lots of logic capabilities (for different days of the week, using six
external switches, controls four circuits, no relays needed, it's pretty
cool).   Siemens also makes an S7-200 PLC for about $500 or a bit less.  It
has more switches, probably more circuits.   All this stuff runs off 110v
directly (no power supplies, relays, etc.).

If you must have dimming (and dimming florescent is not cheap) the price
will go up significantly.  I would use X-10 technology, which means a PC
(figure $500 or so) and probably another $500-1000 in X-10 gear.  There is
a household automation news group you should check into.   Good luck.   
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