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web page updates on how-to build a soil substrate

I've added a new article on my web page explaining how to build a soil
substrate (HTBASS). If you go to the following link, you avoid delay
downloading the homepage.


Constructive criticism or comments welcome.

AGA members, please check the aquatic plant grower list (TAPGL) on my
web page and update me if you are a member of AGA and want that to
appear along with your entry. I have a listing of AGA members but not in
alphabetical order so it would be a long task to update TAPGL by hand. I
haven't gotten the latest mods to the list done and I know there are
lots of new people not on this list but I'm only adding people's names
who send me an email. (clue - I'm lazy or else I don't have the time)

Steve Pushak                    http://home.infinet.net/teban/
Aquatic Gardeners Association

PS. I figure it's been a while since we coined a new acronym so what the

PPS. Yeah, I know, it's 3:30 am and I'm not asleep so what the heck.