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Grass plants/crazy idea?

       From: "Jeff" <Kudzu at airnet_net>
       Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 20:11:23 -0600

>I am about to order some type of short grass plants for a 60G. I want to do
>two different ones in patches on opposite sides of the tank. I am thinking
>maybe Pygmy Swords and Dwarf Sag. Since I don't want to have one take over
>the whole tank I wondered if I couldn't bury a fence in the substrate to
>contain the roots?  Like you edge flower beds with to keep the grass out. I
>was thinking of using either thin acrylic or Plexiglas and forming in to a
>curve. Maybe a little silicone to hold it in place. Making sure it was on
>the bottom glass and JUST under the surface so it wouldn't show. Also
>thought about sheet plastic. (I am starting from scratch on this tank) Just
>laying a strip on the bottom and then put in the substrate and trim to

The small chain swords and, to a lesser extent, Sagitteria send their
runners on or above the surface, and these runners would go right over a
buried plastic fence.  Even if the fence were an inch above the gravel
surface, the pigmey chain swords might get their runners over it.  If the
fence is going to be effective, it is going to have to show.  Perhaps a 1/2
inch high fence with occasional trimming of runners trying to climb over
would work and the fence would not be very noticable once there was a good
growth of plants on either side.

Good luck!

Paul Krombholz, in soggy central Mississippi where the water table is
getting back down to the surface of the ground.