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Re: Questions: Telanthera

>From: "Chetlen R. Crossnoe" <cc691077 at bcm_tmc.edu>
>Subject: Questions:  Telanthera, Kent mixture

>.....A few weeks ago I bought a stem plant called Telanthera.  It is very
>red and in shape looks quite a bit like Hygrophila polysperma except the
>leaves are longer and more pointed.  I found this plant on the big plant
>list at the Krib but have not found any mention of it on any of the lists
>that give more information.  It is mentioned a couple of times in the
>archives, but never with any real information.
According to Kasselmann, Telanthera is an older name for Alternanthera.
Your plant sounds like a variety of Alternanthera reineckii called (in
German) lilablattig.  It translates into something like lilac-colored
leaves. I have something that looks like it that came to me as
Alternenthera cardinalis.  It is _very_ red with no hint of green.   By the
way, I hope Michael Eckhardt is somewhere in the background, monotoring my
attempts to translate Kasselmann.  He really knows German.  I mostly guess
at the translation.

Paul Krombholz, in soggy central Mississippi where the water table is
getting back down to the surface of the ground.