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Ground Cover

Karen Randall Wrote:

Finally, a good ground cover that many people don't even think of is
Hygrophila difformis. (Water Wisteria)  In strong light, this plant can be
trained to gro along the substrate with little trouble.  Just put a stone
down here and their on the stems until they take root.  This is another one
that needs regular pruning to keep short, but it makes a very pretty ground
cover, and fills in _very_ quickly.

I was hoping someone would comment on Water Wisteria as a ground cover. I
bought some about two months ago and it has done wonderfully for me.  I
found out by accident that it will grow along the substrate with little or
no training at all.  However, like Karen mentioned, it does help to anchor
it to ensure it will not take on a palm-tree look (all the leaves at the top
with a long bare stem). It is a beautiful plant and will grow very nicely
with light in the 1.5 w/g range. It would probably do even better with more
light.  It grows very quickly and seems to be immune to hair algae (which I
just experienced for the first time because of adding phosphate buffers -
now I know.)  In the two months I have had the Wisteria, I have harvested
twice the amount I first added to the aquarium. I highly recommend it too.

Ken Guin
Kenguin at erols_com