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Re: Ion exchange water softener

Well if you want a good water and you want to use ion exchange resins you
have to use the type wich will produce just water instead of sodium or
something else. 
I know these resins cost a lot but they will just exchange OH- and H3O+
ions this is an example of what they do.


R---SO3-H+                                               R---SO3-
                       +   Ca2+   +     2H2O    >                        
Ca2+     +     2H3O+
R---SO3-H+                                               R---SO3-

So the calcium will be taken by the resin and the H3O+ cation will react
with the anion produced by the other anionic resin to form 4H2O 

                               2H3O+   +   2OH-  = 4H2O
                          produced          produced 
          by the cationic resin          by the anionic resin

you will end up with pure water if the water flow trough the resins is very
slow and 
then you will be able to make your water as you want adding whatever you
Maybe an RO system would be cheaper I don't know the cost of these resins
in US anyway they can be regenerated.

Simone Vicini (psvicini at mdnet_it)