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Java Fern

Adam wrote regarding Java Fern (Microsorum pteropus): >>>Well.. it's
been sitting on my driftwood (with an elastic band) for over 2 weeks and
doesn't look any different (i.e., the roots don't appear to be grabbing
the wood, but are moving downward toward the gravel).  Have I planted
this thing wrong?>>>

You've done it just right Adam.  Give it a month or two.  I've used
black cotton thread to bring the rhizome firmly into contact with the
driftwood in a couple of places.  And I've found that root hairs
(probably not a botanically correct term) will dig into the gravel a
quarter to half an inch, but not much more.  If I move bunches of Java
Fern around, I drag a bit of gravel with me.  The 'leaf babies' are just
one of my favorite things.  I enjoy them as much as flowers on flowering

If your conditions are good, the fern will hold fast to the driftwood as
it grows, and you'll have to pry it off breaking the rhizome to give the
excess to your friends!  <g>

Regards and good luck, Steve Dixon