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Java Fern/Java Moss...

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to start off saying that all of my questions have been
answered and everyone has been really helpful!

My question, I bought some Java Fern (or is it Java Moss??).. it has
broad deep green leaves that fan out from a mass of brown roots.  My
question involves how it is planted.  The pet shop employee told me that
it does not get planted in the gravel, but that it should be attached to
a rock or a piece of driftwood, and that it would eventually propogate
other plants out of the leaves.

Well.. it's been sitting on my driftwood (with an elastic band) for over
2 weeks and doesn't look any different (i.e., the roots don't appear to
be grabbing the wood, but are moving downward toward the gravel).  Have
I planted this thing wrong?