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Tetra Blackwater Extract

I have a 600 liter tank. For lighting I have three 150 watt halide lamps on
a timer. Two are 4500K and one is 6500K. I fertilize with Dupla plant
tablets, and Duplaplant 24 (when I remember).I have a CO2 system regulated
by a controller at a ph of 6.8.

My plant growth has been good, and the rate stable for over four months.
Last Thursday I added 2/3 bottle of Tetra Blackwater Extract - about 150
ml, and left for a four day weekend. (the water was colored light yellow).

When I returned and looked at the tank on Monday, I found that the plant
growth had exploded, and the water had cleared up!

Does any one have any ideas why the Blackwater Extract had such a strong
effect on accelerating the plant growth? The ingredients are listed as
Vitamins B2, B6 B12, nicotinic amide, panthenol, biotin and peat extract.