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filterless tank

hi everyone, 
     im planning to set up a 30G planted tank without a filter and i just
wanted to ask several questions. first of all the tank will have about 3" of
ordinary gravel, 3 20 watt fluorescent lights, a DIY CO2 system and of course
a heater.  i plan to also stock the tank with small peaceful fish (ie,
guppies, swordtails, mollys, dwarf gouramis, etc.) now for the questions-
     1)has anyone set up a planted tank before without a filter and if so
which plants did u use?  what r also the pros and cons of setting up a tank
without a filter...
     2)how can i disperse the CO2 bubbles around the tank so that all the
plants benefit from it and it doesnt just leave the water?  
     3)is there anything else i need to know before setting up this tank?  i
currently have a tank with fancy goldfish and ive managed to breed them (which
isnt really much of an accomplishment since i wasnt able to keep much of the
fry alive...=( ) so im not new to the hobby of fishkeeping.  ive also kept
plants before in the goldfish tank but i gave that up since even though the
plants were growing fine and were very healthy i had to re-root some of the
plants every day since the goldfish kept uprooting them.